And the Oscar Goes to …


J.D. Disalvatore

Best-known to lesbian

viewers for her short film Gay Propaganda,

out producer and director J.D. Disalvatore is offering a “Gay

Guide to the Oscar Nominations” on her website. Her

latest feature, Shelter,

opens nationwide in March.

Best Actress: “I’d like to see Ellen Page win for Juno. She is so lesbionic.”

Brilliant Performances in Under 10 Minutes: “With the

nomination of Ruby Dee, they should have a new category for people like Judi Dench

in Shakespeare in Love (10 minutes)

and Beatrice Straight for her six minutes in Network.”

Film I Wish I’d Written or Directed: Away From Her. No one ever deals with issues of the aging in America, plus I

think we have a brilliant new voice in actress-turned-director Sarah Polley,

who I also enjoyed tremendously in The

Secret Life of Words,
where she co-starred with Julie Christie.”

Most Promising Trends: “There are several wonderful trends in

films lately if you look closely. Documentaries are suddenly getting theatrical

release, so now more people can watch films like Sicko and An Inconvenient

and see what the news outlets are too scared to show. And really, the

best new trend is entertainment content for the internet. … That is going to

open up a world of entertainment to everyone. If the networks don’t want to do

gay shows, well, someone will make one on the internet, and folks across the

world can go and watch it if they want.”

Cathy DeBuono

Cathy DeBuono
recently completed filming And Then Came

appeared in Exes & Ohs, is scheduled to star in Tremble and Spark, and can also be seen in 3Way.

She is the co-creator and producer of her latest project, Slate and Kelly, in which she plays a lesbian private investigator,

and she can be seen every week in her vlog, What’s

Your Problem?

Best Film: Juno

Best Actress: Ellen Page for Juno

Gayest Straight Character: “C’mon … Spider-Man.”

Character Who Should Be on Exes

& Ohs
“Really? Is

this a trick question? Me, of course. Bring Becca back!”

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