Chick flick—apalooza: “Traveling Pants 2” and “Bonneville”


Ah, the chick flick. Much maligned.

Often contrived. And, every now and then, downright satisfying. To

be perfectly honest, I like a good chick flick — emphasis on good,

of course. For me, the appeal is built right into the name. Chick: Well,

I am one, and I like them. Flick: Well, movies; who doesn’t love movies?

Two upcoming releases seek to find just the right chocolate-and-peanut-butter formula that results in the good kind of chick flick we all love to watch

on lazy Sunday afternoons when we should be paying bills or regrouting

the tub.

Both also fall into what is

usually my favorite of the chick flick subgenres: the female bonding

movie. Sure, romantic comedies are the more popular subgenre, but you

just get more estrogen for your buck with bonding pictures. The films

are Bonneville (opening Feb. 29 limited and March 21 wide)

and The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 (opening Aug.


Bonneville, which stars

50-somethings Jessica Lange, Joan Allen, Kathy Bates

and Christine Baranski, centers on a cross-country road trip

taken by three friends when one of their husbands dies. The trip is

done in — you guessed it — a big old convertible Pontiac Bonneville.

Is anyone else getting a decidedly

Thelma & Louise feel from that photo? I just hope it doesn’t end

the same way. Though, from the trailer, it looks like the ladies have their

automotive high jinks in the Utah salt flats, not the Grand Canyon.


Woo-hoo for Kathy landing Tom

’s character. By the way, did you know he’ll turn 75

this year? Whoa. And speaking of fun with ages, does anyone else

think it’s silly that Jessica, who is 59, is playing the stepmother

of Christine, who is 56? Well, I guess it could have been worse; she

could have played her birth mother.

While Bonneville is aimed

at the 50-plus crowd, The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2 is aimed

squarely at the teen and 20-something set. The film is based on Ann

’ bestselling follow-up, The Second Summer of the

. Stars Alexis Bledel, America Ferrera,

Blake Lively
and Amber Tamblyn

are all back for more adventures with the miraculous one-size-fits-all

jeans. Interestingly, when the original was released in 2005, it was

Alexis (Gilmore Girls) and Amber (Joan of Arcadia) with

the hit TV shows. Now, as the sequel rolls around, it’s America (Ugly

) and Blake (Gossip Girl) who have all the buzz.

Despite the age inappropriateness,

I liked the original. It was sweet and had enough talent to largely

keep it from being saccharine. The sequel picks up the next summer.

Is it just me, or are there a lot more boys this time around?



Oh, thank heavens: It has the

requisite “let’s all dance around with each other” scene that

lets us all know that the bonding has begun. Now if only one of them

would sing into a hairbrush. Still, you cannot deny the cuteness of

America’s pratfalls. It simply can’t be done.

Well, what do you think? Do

either of these look like they’ll rise to the ranks of the good, Sunday-afternoon-worthy

chick flicks? Or are you holding out for this year’s big mama of

chick flicks opening in October, the remake of The Women? Now those are some females worth

bonding with.

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