Eliza Dushku “On Broadway”


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‘s movie

On Broadway
, which garnered high praise at the 2007 Independent Film Festival

of Boston, will be released March 14 for a two-week run in Boston. If

the film is successful, a wider release will follow. In other words:

Boston, go see this movie.

On Broadway is the story

of a Boston carpenter, Jack (former New Kid Joey McIntyre),

who writes a play about his late uncle, then quits his job to put on

a production in a neighborhood pub on Broadway street. Jill Flint,

who recently made an appearance on Gossip Girl, plays Jack’s

wife, Kate.

As if Dushku’s presence alone

isn’t enough, Amy Poehler and hubby Will Arnett have minor

roles. Just the mention of those two makes me smile.

Take a look at the trailer

and see what you think. And if you live in the Boston area, go see

On Broadway so we’ll all get a chance to see a big-screen version

of Dushku very soon.

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