What’s happening with “The Happening”?


I have mixed feelings about

M. Night Shyamalan
. I loved The Sixth Sense — and no, I didn’t

figure it out before the end. Unbreakable was interesting, as

was Signs. Then things started going downhill. The Village

— meh. Lady in the Water — awful. But I’ll give The Happening a try for one simple reason: Zooey


Deschanel stars with Mark Wahlberg in this “paranoia

thriller about a family on the run from an apocalyptic threat to humanity.”

I guess “paranoia thriller” is a new genre. Or a description

of my first date with a woman. The trailer is creepy, to say the least.


I can’t tell where the movie

is set, but it looks like we’re in for yet another big scene of people

running for their lives through the streets of a big city. In this case,

the threat is an environmental one — a toxin causes people to want to

kill themselves. The poster looks pretty bleak.

I planned to say something

snarky and clever about the cringe-inducing tagline, but I can’t beat Screen Rant‘s rewrite, which says it all.

We’ve Sensed It.

Can It Be Broken?

We’ve Seen The Signs.

Now… It’s Happening.

Not In Just A Village, But


And Only One Lady Can Stop


I only hope the screenwriters

are better than the marketing writers. What do you think? Do you

have high hopes for The Happening?

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