10 reasons I love Tina Fey’s “Baby Mama”


My love for all things Tina

is well documented and borders on obsession. I swear, your honor, I’ve been sure

to stay at least 500 feet away from her, as the court order requires.

So I think I’m allowed this simple indulgence. Yesterday I watched

the first trailer for her new comedy Baby Mama, and, save for the unfortunate fact

that my badonkadonk is still very much in place, I pretty much laughed

my ass off.

Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Sigourney

and Maura Tierney

together in one movie? Has someone been reading my dream journal again?

The premise is this: A 30-something successful single gal (Fey) longs

for a baby and hires a surrogate (Poehler) who lives with her during

the nine months of the pregnancy, and hilarity ensues. In case you think

I’m exaggerating, please take a look for yourself. (Watch it in glorious hi-def

.) But I warn

you: Ye of tiny hiney should beware, because when you’re done you could

have none left.


Since I’m the self-admitted

obsessive type, I thought I’d break down the trailer into a top 10

list of reasons I’m already in love with Tina’s Baby Mama.

This in no way violates my TRO, your honor.

10. Tina’s nightshirt.

I love it when women wear men’s shirts to bed — minus the men, of course.

9. The negotiations. Full service

is on off the table.

8. The DMX baby. God, imagine

the face it’d make if you listened to Yanni instead.

7. Sigourney Weaver. Mmmmm,

Sigourney Weaver.

6. Tina’s dance. Only

Tina would get down tonight by doing a festive jig.

5. The versatility of Pam. The

next time I fry an egg, I’m going to have a lot more to think about.

4. The baby-proofing. When

you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go.

3. The “chocolate or poop” test.

This is a good way to assure your friends will never eat dessert at

your house ever again.

2. The lesbianism moment. “Kate,

I want you to put your baby inside me.” “I want to put my baby

inside you.” Um, can I watch?

1. Tina’s many faces of


So, what do you think? Are

you ready to welcome Tina’s Baby Mama into your life come

April 25?

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