Female directors – yes, they really do exist


It’s true — women do direct films.

“But,” you’re thinking to yourself, “Exactly where are

these films? Certainly not at my multiplex.” Unfortunately,

that may be true as well; after all, roughly a mere 5 percent of Hollywood

features are directed by women. It’s important, then, to show

support whenever we can in the hopes that someday there will be true

equality behind the camera. Visiting Movies by Women to

learn more and, of course, getting your butt to the theater to see these

movies are two good ways to help.

My butt (and the rest of me as well,

actually) will be at the Egyptian Theatre in Los Angeles tonight for

the 3rd Annual Focus on Female Directors,

an entire evening’s worth of short films directed by women.

American Cinematheque promises “the work of industry heavyweights,

cinema pioneers, actresses-turned-directors, festival darlings, and

the brightest stars emerging from film school.”

Tonight’s roster includes In the

, directed by Hilary Goldberg (Render: Spanning

Time With Ani DiFranco
) and Room 10, the reportedly very

strong directorial debut of Jennifer Aniston.

Room 10

Co-directed by

screenwriter Andrea Buchanan, Room 10 was originally part

of Glamour Magazine’s Reel Moments short film series. Say,

wouldn’t it be something if Aniston got attention for her work

rather than her relationships? I know, I know … it seems

unlikely. But then, I’ve always been one to hitch my wagon to

a star!

The longest film of the evening clocks

in at 18 minutes, so even the most … er, attentionally-challenged

among us can stay planted for the duration. There’ll be a

Macy Gray
video, a film starring Robin Wright Penn, a film

starring Guinevere Turner, a discussion with filmmakers Goldberg,

Michelle Hung (Chinese Dumplings) and Mariam Jobrani

(The Fighting Cholitas) … and it’s all in support of

a worthy cause. Maybe someday soon female directors won’t need

a single, special evening — nor will they need to be labeled “female

directors”. They’ll just, you know, exist.

Visit American Cinematheque’s

website for more info.

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