Amy Sedaris goes to work at “Tanner Hall”


Funny woman Amy Sedaris has been gallivanting about Rhode Island this fall. Why? Because she’s filming a new indie flick about boarding school life.

Sedaris was last heard as the voice of Cinderella in Shrek the Third. She was also recently seen in I Want Someone to Eat Cheese With. The new film, Tanner Hall, is written and directed by longtime friends Tatiana von Furstenberg and Francesca Gregorini.

Hmmm … Gregorini. Where have I heard that name before? Oh, wait, I know. She was previously attached to the arm of a certain blonde actress.

The film started as a planned pilot for UPN, but got tossed aside when UPN and the WB joined forces to become the CW. When the floor dropped out from under the small-screen version, Gregorini and von Furstenberg snatched back their brain child and reworked it as a feature.

The tale is based on their years growing up in boarding schools in the U.K. It tells the story of four adolescent girls navigating the journey to adulthood while the adults that surround them find their way through their own trials and tribulations. There is no word on what trials and tribulations Sedaris will face in the film.

Let’s see, girls and boarding school. Written and directed by an out lesbian. Think there will be any hint of girl-likes-girl in this little indie flick? I’m going to go with a modest 50-50 chance.

All I ask is that if one of the girls happens to like girls, she doesn’t jump off a roof at the end.

Shooting is scheduled to wrap this month. Gregorini and von Furstenberg plan to make the festival rounds next year looking for a distributor.

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