Generation X-mas: Are your holiday movies snarky or sappy?


Are George and Mary Bailey

perennial guests at your holiday celebration?

Or is Ralphie Parker’s quest

for a Red Ryder BB gun a more relevant Christmas story?

That’s the question posed by

last week. In a 2006 poll, A Christmas Story was the favorite holiday movie

among ages 18–41, while the older demographic picked It’s a Wonderful


or Miracle

on 34th Street
. Perhaps, speculates the article, Generations X and Y find Ralphie’s

memories a bit closer to their own.

As one who falls squarely in

the Baby Boomer generation, I’m unwilling to sacrifice either George

or Ralphie. Sure, A Christmas Story is much more fun to watch

with friends (especially if you take a drink whenever somebody says

"you’ll shoot your eye out"). But I always find a few melancholy

hours during the holidays to curl up with my cats and cry my way through

Bedford Falls. And I always have time to see the adorable face of an

eight-year-old Natalie Wood as she comes to believe in Santa


What other movies make the

holidays bright? Here are a few of mine.



Although I snobbishly claim not to like slapstick, this movie makes

me laugh every time. And nothing says holiday spirit like a speech from

Dad (Chevy Chase).


gonna press on, and we’re gonna have the hap, hap, happiest Christmas

since Bing Crosby tap-danced with Danny f—ing Kaye. And when Santa

squeezes his fat white ass down that chimney tonight, he’s gonna find

the jolliest bunch of a–holes this side of the nuthouse."


Of all the takeoffs on A Christmas Carol, this is my favorite.

I confess a bias toward anything Bill Murray

does, but Scrooged is so chock full of meta goodness that I catch

something new with every viewing. Besides, Carol Kane is the

Ghost of Christmas Present. The world needs more Carol Kane.



Yeah, I know it’s sappy and sentimental. But it’s also warm and funny

and, eventually, a little gay. I have friends who just don’t get why

I love this movie. I could claim that I simply want to watch Emma

Thompson, Keira Knightley
and Laura Linney. Truth be told,

though, I don’t get why I love it, either. I just do.

Let’s see. That’s three snarky

and three sappy. That makes me a snarky sap. How about you? How do you

like your holiday movies? And what seasonal movies will you be watching

between now and the New Year?