“E.T.” celebrates 25 years since phoning home


E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial

turned 25 this year. OK, so this news immediately makes me want to do

three things. 1) Phone home. 2) Eat Reese’s Pieces. 3) Scream. Kind

of like this.

The phoning and eating are

because of the nostalgia, and the screaming, well, that’s because of

the oh-my-God E.T. is 25 years old. It’s hard not to freak

out when a beloved touchstone from your childhood hits the quarter-century

mark. The only thing keeping me from freaking out completely is

seeing how ridiculously adorable Drew Barrymore

looked in pigtails back then.

The movie milestone will be celebrated with

a special screening

of the film by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences today

in Los Angeles. The presentation will include an onstage cast-and-crew

reunion. I’m guessing it will look something like the cast-and-crew

reunion for the film’s 20th anniversary, but with a touch

more gray.

And just in case you weren’t

feeling old enough already, here is a then-and-now of the key cast and

crew. I think the ladies have fared better, but then I’m always

prone to go with the ladies.

Drew Barrymore

and Dee Wallace

Steven Spielberg

and Henry Thomas

So what is it about E.T.

that still stirs emotions? The story mixed heart and humor and had us

breaking out the hankies. Underneath all the special effects and sci-fi,

the movie was a simple yet universal fable about unconditional love

and the search for home. And even though he was essentially just a rib cage

with a periscope head, that little alien fella was cute. Plus, dude,

he made the bikes fly. Twenty-five years later, I still wish I could

do that.

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