“Sweeney Todd” behind the scenes: Scissorhands returns


The promotion machine for Sweeney Todd:

the Demon Barber of Fleet Street

is in high gear as the movie’s December 21 release approaches

and, I must say, Helena Bonham

is a

smashing Mrs. Lovett.

Her childhood friends are not

surprised, according to Bonham Carter’s interview in the December issue of Marie Claire. “One

of my friends said, ‘Of course you’ll get the part. We called you Mrs.

Lovett when you were 13 — you walked around with her horned hairdo for

a year.'” Of course she did.

About the same time, her future

boyfriend Tim Burton visited London, where he saw the

— multiple

times — and was equally obsessed. Not until about five years ago, however,

did Burton focus on turning Sweeney into a film. And according

to the movie’s leads, this may be his best film yet.



The audience at a screening

last month agreed, as did a Cinefantastique critic who attended

the show
. “This

movie is pretty much your dream of what it would be when you first heard

that Burton and Johnny Depp would be turning the Stephen Sondheim

musical into a movie — it’s a dark, brooding horror-musical-comedy

that hits all the right notes.”

Concerns about whether Depp

can sing apparently were put to rest when a clip of Depp and Bonham Carter

singing “My Friends,” the love song to Todd’s razor, was

shown at the Venice Film Festival’s lifetime achievement award ceremony

for Tim Burton. At first, however, Depp himself shared those concerns.



While Burton’s gory version of Sweeney Todd won’t be for

everyone, the more I hear about the movie, the more I’m looking forward

to seeing it. In a season of often-fake cheer, this might just be the

perfect holiday movie. But a word of warning to Santa: better pass on

any snacks left out on Helena Bonham Carter’s table.

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