Good movies I hate and other embarrassing confessions


Now that you know my deepest,

darkest, most embarrassing

bad movie weaknesses

how about we flip the equation? The cinematic canon is filled with

“good movies” that for whatever reason I really can’t stand.

While everyone else is raving, I’m left scratching my head. Be they

Oscar contenders or box office champs, I’d still rather have my TV

stuck on C-SPAN for a week than watch these again start to finish. Here’s a

look at some of my least favorite films through the years.

A Clockwork Orange

(1971) — As iconic as this film is, it freaked the bejesus out of me.

Should a movie be so disturbing you need therapy afterward?

Ghost (1990)

— This movie got nominated for an Oscar. And people called Marisa

a fluke.

Life Is Beautiful

(1997) — How do you say treacle in Italian? Am I the only person on

the planet who does not find Roberto Benigni

charming? When he walked across everyone’s chairs at the Oscars, I

kept thinking, “Someone get the tranquilizer gun!”

There’s Something About

(1998) — God, this movie annoyed me. This whole genre of

humor annoys me. When did having the same sensibilities as a 14-year-old

boy become comedy genius? P.S. Ben Stiller annoys me, too.

Match Point

(2005) — Scarlett Johansson

getting rubbed down with body oil = good. Fish lips

Jonathan Rhys Meyers
getting away with murder = bad. Woody Allen

getting lazy and recycling Crimes and Misdemeanors

= yawn.

Personal Best

(1982) — Look, I appreciate every inch of groundbreaking this film did

for us back in the day. I applaud the earnest representations, and I am

grateful for the serious way in which everyone involved approached the

subject. But that doesn’t mean I want to watch the movie again. Ever.

I don’t care how cute Mariel Hemingway

looks in her running shorts.

So, what critically acclaimed

films make your nose wrinkle? What good movies are on your bad list?

Spare no one’s feelings. We’re all grown ups here. Well, except

the Farrelly Brothers.

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