“G.I. Joe” drafts Sienna Miller


I’ll admit it: Growing up, I watched G.I. Joe on TV. In fact, I was a tad bit obsessed with it. My tomboy youth couldn’t have been better suited for the likes of Duke, Ace and Snake-Eyes. But the episodes I really loved watching were the ones when Scarlett or Lady Jaye were the ones saving the day. So, as you might imagine, I’m slightly optimistic that the planned live-action movie version will be able to capitalize on the recent Transformers success.

In the past few weeks, I’ve been running across article after article all over the web about the upcoming G.I. Joe flick. I’ve read articles about the plot, the release date and Hasbro’s insistence that G.I. Joe will in fact be an American soldier as originally created, despite reports to the contrary. What I haven’t seen is any news about who will be donning the fatigues and body armor of these infamous action figures. That is, until this week.

For those of you who are unfamiliar, that lovely lady is Sienna Miller. She embodied Edie Sedgwick opposite Guy Pearce‘s Andy Warhol in Factory Girl and was in Stardust with Claire Danes and Michelle Pfieffer. And in August of 2009, she’ll grace the big screen as The Baroness.

While I do have a certain fondness for the villains of the fictional world, I’m waiting anxiously for word of who will play my two favorite female heroes. While I wait to find out just who might get the parts, I thought I’d share my top two choices for each of the roles. First, let’s talk about Scarlett. She’s an expert in weaponry, intelligence and martial arts.

Why not give a certain former sidekick, who happens to look good as a redhead, a shot at this one?

If Renee O’Connor doesn’t do it for you, how does Smallville‘s Kristin Kruek sound?

As for Lady Jaye, the multilingual Airborne Ranger, am I the only one who thinks South of Nowhere‘s Aasha Davis could totally kick butt if given half a chance?

If I can’t have Aasha, I’d settle for watching Holly Marie Combs cast spells in any language she wants.

How about the rest of you? Anyone else going to jump on the G.I. Joe bandwagon with me?

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