More stars shine for Disney and Annie Leibovitz


When you wish upon a star,

if you ask nicely, they’ll dress up like Disney characters and pose

for you. The second round of images from famed celebrity photographer

Annie Leibovitz
’s Disney ad campaign came out this week.

While they’re not nearly as trippy as the Beyoncé, Lyle Lovett

and Oliver Platt teacup of insanity

from last time, they’re even more dreamy. Like Rachel Weisz

as Snow White dreamy.

I’ve got to give it to Annie:

Rachel was an inspired bit of casting. In fact, seeing her commune with

nature with her raven hair and milky skin, I can’t think of a single

other actress that would be better for the part. Look, even Bambi agrees.

And if you thought that was

good, how about Julie Andrews

as the Blue Fairy (from Pinocchio) with her apprentice fairy, portrayed

by Abigail Breslin? Julie can now add fairy to her illustrious

list of roles, including nun, nanny and a woman pretending to be a man

pretending to be a woman.

So, what do you think?

Has Annie captured that Disney magic? And who else should she cast as

fairy tale favorites? Kate Winslet

as Sleeping Beauty? Sarah Shahi as Princess Jasmine? And as long

as we’re thinking out loud here, anyone else think Angelina Jolie

would make a killer Maleficent?

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