Teresa Palmer: the new Wonder Woman?


As the linster blogged about a month ago, rumors about the

casting of Wonder Woman in George Miller‘s upcoming Justice League movie are all over the blogosphere.

Lucy Lawless, Victoria Hill and Jessica Biel have

all been bandied about (and discarded) as possible heirs to the Lasso of Truth. Well, the latest name out there is Teresa Palmer, star of … well,

nothing, really, thus far.

OK, that wasn’t really fair.

It depends on where you live. Palmer is relatively

unknown in the United States, although she did appear in The Grudge

with Sarah Michelle


and Jennifer Beals:

But Palmer has definitely made a name for herself

in her native Australia. She was even nominated for an Australian Film

Institute award

for her work in Murali K. Thuralli’s 2:37.

And in December Boys,

she earned the distinction of being the first actress

to have a love scene with Daniel Radcliffe


According to an anonymous friend

of Palmer’s, the Justice League crew will be fitting her for a black wig rather than dying

her hair. But there is precedent for a blonde Wonder Woman.

That was back in 1974. A pre–That’s

Cathy Lee Crosby was the original TV Wonder Woman.

She was blonde, not to mention a little more conservatively dressed than Lynda Carter

was two years later.

The traditional Justice

image of Wonder Woman does, of course, have black hair.

And apparently, she has a body that’s

even more distorted than a

Barbie doll’s

Look at those legs!

Of course, in true Wonder Woman

gossip mill style, a new rumor has been reported since I began writing

this post.

The latest, according to Moviehole.net, is that Megan Gale

has been short-listed for the role. But the Daily Telegraph blurb that was the source of the Moviehole

gossip misspelled Jessica Biel’s name. So I’m not giving it too much

credence. This blurb also indicates that an official announcement is

due Tuesday. So I guess we’ll see then.

Whomever they eventually cast,

I’m just hoping the movie will bring back my favorite Wonder Woman

character, Wonder Girl (played by Debra Winger in the ’70s TV series).

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