First look at “Baby Mama”


Last spring, Scribe Grrrl riffed about the dream casting (and character naming)

in the upcoming Tina Fey movie Baby Mama. Well, the first

test-screening has happened in New York and although I was not there,

I did read the review that some random viewer posted online. So it was almost like being there.

Baby Mama, again, stars

Tina Fey as a successful, single, baby-desiring woman who hires a surrogate

(Amy Poehler) when she learns she’s unable to conceive. Circumstances

lead Poehler’s character to move in with Fey’s character and hilarity

likely ensues. The bottom line, according

to random reviewer, is that Baby Mama is quite good and funny,

but not as good as Mean Girls.

Here’s Tina Fey on the set

of Baby Mama:

And in Mean Girls:

Of course, it’s not an apples-to-apples

comparison, because Tina Fey did not write Baby Mama and did

not star in Mean Girls. And, of course, I have no idea who “random

reviewer” is, so it’s not clear why I should pay attention to his (I’m

pretty sure it’s a he) review. But he saw it and I didn’t, so he knows

more. And, basically, I have high hopes for Baby Mama if it’s

in the same class as Mean Girls, which I loved. And Baby Mama,

unlike Mean Girls, filmed on my street and in my current favorite restaurant, so it gets extra points right off

the bat.

Random reviewer had the following

things to say about the movie:

1. It’s funny and the plot

is not predictable.

2. Tina Fey plays a variation

on the character she always plays — a successful thirty-something who

likes to eat. And she’s very good.

3. The rest of the cast is

great, too, but Amy Poehler’s “ghetto” characterization is inconsistent.

I wish random reviewer had

said a little more about the casting. Aside from Tina Fey and Amy Poehler,

he only mentioned the men — Greg Kinnear, Steve Martin

and Romany Malco.

I want to know about the women.

As Scribe mentioned previously and as confirmed by, Sigourney Weaver

plays Chaffee Bicknell, the surrogate agency head.

And then, according to,

there’s the additional wonderfulness of Maura Tierney and

Holland Taylor
. (They only get a first name each, Caroline and Rose,


But I don’t know if this is

accurate, because Steve Martin is not listed on IMDb and random reviewer

raves about his role as Tina Fey’s boss. (In my version of the movie,

BTW, things get shifted around, and either Maura Tierney or Signourney

Weaver is Tina Fey’s girlfriend, and they’re having this baby together.)

That makes me wonder if Holland Taylor was originally cast as the boss,

maybe. But this is all speculation right now. We’ll see who’s actually

in it when more information is released.

Regardless, I’m excited about

the movie and am looking forward to seeing it in the spring.