Is the “Terminator” rising from the ashes?


Word has it that Terminator 4 has risen from the depths of development hell to the point of listing a release date and creating casting buzz. In fact, rumors are rampant that Chloe Sevigny and Rachel Weisz have been gallivanting about town trying to convince the producers to cast them in the new flick.

Now, I don’t know about you, but as much as I liked watching Claire Danes and Kristanna Loken chew up scenery in Rise of the Machines, things just were not the same without Linda Hamilton and her biceps.

Now imagine it without the Governor of California, because Arnold is not a part of the upcoming project. So, no Sarah Connor and no T100. Kate Brewster and John Connor reportedly figure in the new story, but Claire Danes and Nick Stahl appear to be uninvolved, at least at this point.

The new film will reportedly be the first in a new trilogy exploring a new character’s arc. That character’s story will be influenced by John Connor, but not centered on him. Makes me wonder how screwed up this timeline is going to be by the time we’re done with it.

So, exactly what roles are Sevigny and Weisz trying to land? The story is still being written, so I guess anything is possible. It is said to take place several years after T3 left off, during the war against the machines. That should provide plenty of fodder for the storytellers, and plenty of action for whatever lady or ladies are signed on to the cast. In light of the infinite possibilities, I thought I would suggest some casting options to the filmmakers.

For starters, might I suggest a little Gina Torres?

I loved watching her kick tail and take names in Firefly. I even have to admit to being one of the 7 people who actually watched Cleopatra 2525.

Speaking of Cleopatra 2525, why not take a look at Victoria Pratt?

She played an Amazon Queen in Xena and Mutant X‘s Shalimar Fox. Why not the newest Terminator model?

Perhaps I have Xena on the brain today, but I’d also love to see Renee O’Connor with a new gig.

Especially if that gig involves her showing off those fighting skills she learned alongside Lucy Lawless.

If none of those folks work for you, what about Gabrielle Union?

We know she can bring it, and I’m convinced she could kick a few terminators to the curb.

I’ve got a ton of other ideas about which women I’d like to see run around a post-apocalyptic Earth as either terminators or resistance fighters. But, rather than monopolize the conversation, I’d like to hear some of your ideas.

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