Lesbian Sex Scenes that Made Movie History


If These Walls Could Talk II (2000)

If These Walls Could Talk II is another made-for-HBO film that’s found a home on many, many lists of best lesbian sex scenes – and quite a few lists of “most over-rated lesbian sex scenes,” too. The scene in question features Ellen DeGeneres and Sharon Stone, and was directed by Anne Heche. Is it hot? Not? Either way, it was the lesbian nation’s most-discussed sex scene that year, and still talked about today.

But there’s another sex scene in the film that touched on a dynamic rarely seen in lesbian movies: the butch/femme sexual relationship between Amy (Chloe Sevigny) and Linda (Michelle Williams). Amy and Linda met in 1972 when lesbians were supposed to have gotten past all that sex role stuff, and Linda and her friends had trouble dealing with what they perceived as Amy’s lack of political correctness.

With something much sweeter and far less self-aware than the very stylized butch/femme dynamic in Bound, this sex scene in If Walls Could Talk II transformed the politically charged tension between the two women into erotic tension. And that’s always something to talk about.

Stranger Inside (2001)

Cheryl Dunye (The Watermelon Woman, 1996) made this prison drama for HBO after years of research in the Minnesota prison system. One of the few films that has both many characters of color and a lesbian sex scene, it’s the story of Treasure (Yolonda Ross), a young African-American woman who deliberately gets sent to prison to try to make contact with her incarcerated mother, whom she has never met.

The story has a thousand twists and turns as the girl gets deeper and deeper into a life of crime, and has an affair with Sugar, played by Patrice Fisher. It’s the lesbian Oz, not-very-pretty prison sex included.

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