Morning Brew – Ellen and Portia’s Holiday Card shows off their booties


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Rachel Maddow had out author Terry Mutchler on her show to discuss her new book, Under This Beautiful Dome, which details the secret (lesbian) romance she had with an Illinois politician.

Lea Delaria appeared on a panel at the New York Comedy Festival called Women Aren’t Funny: Debunking The Myth, and she said the Orange is the New Black set is “a dyke bar.”

“All it needs is a pool table and a DJ spinning ‘We Are Family.’ It’s great. I really see a change.”

Mastro's Steakhouse Grand Opening Celebration In New York City

Speaking of Lea, she spoke with TAGG Magazine about her career and getting close to her castmates.

Dazed held a sex survey and it turns out that straight women watch almost as much girl-on-girl porn as lesbians or bisexual women do.

OKCupid has added several more sexuality descriptors and identifications to its dating profiles. Now if only they could detect lies and how many filters was used on a photo to make it cute.

The HRC will honor Shonda Rhimes at its 2015 Los Angeles Gala Dinner this March. Shonda will receive the Ally for Equality award.

Glamour's Cindi Leive Honors The 2014 Women Of The Year - Arrivals

A new campaign in India called Kiss of Love asks for kissing photos from the LGBT community and beyond for a good charitable cause. (Of course there’s a bunch of haters.)

Savage City interviewed Screaming Females, who have a new album coming out this February.

How badly I want to be on Ellen and Portia‘s Christmas card list! Ellen showed off their Kim Kardashian booty spoof on her show.


La Roux and Ladyhawke are both part of Interview‘s Brit Pop Girls feature, and they both discuss how they love being gender-non-conforming. A quote from Ladyhawke:

“I wear non-gender-specific clothes. I just look silly in girls’ clothes. I’m quite tall, and they’re never the right cut for me—T-shirts and stuff are always too low-cut or too short. I’ve worn boys’ clothes forever because girls’ stuff never felt right for me.”


And LaRoux on her moniker being technically grammatically incorrect because it doesn’t signify female or male:

“I think it’s quite cool. Because I’m so androgynous anyway, it works better.

Depeche Mode doesn’t mean anything, nor does Eurythmics. Band names aren’t supposed to mean anything. I wanted something that wasn’t English, and you couldn’t get more English than ‘Elly Jackson.'”


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