Indie lesbian film “Heartland” has the goods—and celebrity endorsements


There’s just something about Heartland.

Perhaps it’s the film’s excellent performances, the high production values, or simply its touching story about a woman trying to find her way back out from under the dark clouds of grief. The combination of all of these elements has the potential to make Heartland the next big lesbian indie film.

Heartlandphotos via Facebook

Heartland is the story of Lauren, a 20-something artist who is reeling from the sudden and tragic loss of her girlfriend. She moves back to her rural Oklahoma childhood home to live with her mother, and attempts to grieve. When Lauren’s brother Justin also returns home with his fiancée Carrie, things get infinitely more complicated. After spending time together working on a project for her brother’s new winery, Lauren and Carrie find themselves tumbling into a passionate affair.


Heartland is currently raising funds for post-production work on IndieGogo and has some pretty great perks including signed copies of the script, Heartland tees and custom artwork. The project has garnered support from big name actors like Sarah Paulson, Julia Stiles and Jeffrey Tambor.

Heartland is written by Velida Godfrey and Todd Waring, and is produced/directed by Maura Anderson (WIGS).

To learn more about Heartland, check out their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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