Angie gets her guns


Angelina Jolie, a sports car and big guns. Is this heaven? No, it’s Chicago. Miss Jolie got her badass on during filming in the Windy City on the set of her new film, Wanted. The results, well, they make Monday worth waking up for.

Now, I love Angelina. I know it’s a horrible lesbian cliché, but it’s true. As I say this I’m sipping some herbal tea while petting my cat and thinking about which U-Haul rental office to use when Angie finally leaves Brad and we move in together. What? You know you were doing the exact same thing. Especially after seeing this double-barreled fierceness.

Whoa. Action Angie is definitely back. Her new film co-stars Morgan Freeman and James McAvoy and is based on the graphic novel series by Mark Millar. The story follows an average-guy (McAvoy) who is thrust into a secret society of super-villain assassins after his father is killed. Morgan plays the society’s leader, and Angelina plays his second-in command, dubbed The Fox. Talk about your truth in advertising.

After seeing these shots of Jolie splayed across the hood of a cherry-red Viper, lesbians everywhere will no doubt begin storming Dodge dealerships everywhere, pictures in hand, demanding: “This, I want this! Angelina’s included, right?”

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