“Romeo, Romeo” is a sweet, funny, look at trying to conceive while lesbian


Romeo, Romeo is a documentary that follows Jessica Casano-Antonellis and her wife, Lexy Casano-Antonellis, through the arduous process of trying to make a baby. Lexy is a nanny to two adorable little boys and has wanted to have a baby since she was one herself. Jessica works in PR and thinks having a baby seems really cool as long as she doesn’t have to carry it around in her womb (or possibly be alone with it for the first two years of its life. Seriously, she says that).


After we get to see snippets of the lovely couple getting married we skip ahead to the baby making. They start out trying to get pregnant the old fashioned way. By which I mean via an anonymous sperm donor and insemination in a doctor’s office. When that doesn’t work after several cycles they move on to other techniques. It’s fascinating, and relatable to those of us who have been there, to watch the couple change as the process goes on. Having a baby can be a lot like putting a microscope on your relationship. Things that were solid tend to stay solid or get even stronger but places where you had cracks, or even minor things that irritated you can be magnified to the breaking point. Some of that dynamic plays out as these two women deal with the stress of not getting pregnant after months of trying.


Even when Lexy or Jessica (or both) is making you feel crazy, you can’t help but root for them every time they go running to check the pregnancy test. The documentary really captures the desperation, and the sense that every negative pregnancy test feels like a massive failure. It also captures how easy it is to get sucked into the process to the exclusion of other parts of your life.

If you are thinking about having a kid you might like a peek at what you’re getting into. Romeo, Romeo will give you a glimpse of the roller coaster that is trying to conceive.

Romeo, Romeo is available to watch now on Vimeo on Demand, Amazon or iTunes.

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