Watch now! Jennifer Lawrence wants to play a man, Jena Malone got naked for “Catching Fire”


Press tours for blockbuster movies seem like they’d be the most tedious things in the world for actors. You have to get fancy every day, answer the same questions over and over, and pretend your co-stars are your best friends. Except for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire press tour, which is now in its final leg and has afforded us some of Jennifer Lawrence‘s finest interview moments to date — which, as you know, is saying something. More often than not, that goddess of a human being spends her time on the red carpet asking reporters if there’s food inside. Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson and Liam Hemsworth seem to have a real affection for each other (they can’t keep their hands off each other, for starters) and they’re always just balls-out bananas when they do interviews together. So, we’re happy to have some videos from our buddies over at MTV of their super fan Catching Fire event.

First up, the trio plays “would you rather” and Jennifer reveals that she wants to play a dude, and also that she’d happily rob Lenny Kravitz‘s closet if he wasn’t at home every time she had a sleepover with Kravitz’s daughter.

Next, Jennifer explains the weird smell of her house and talks about whacking herself with Katniss’ bow.

Jena Malone also stopped by the super fan chat to talk about how they were completely faithful to the book when it came to having Johanna strip down naked for her entrance.

And finally, Malone and Sam Claflin test each other with Hunger Games trivia. (Malone is really good!)

Do you have your tickets yet for Catching Fire? I sure do!

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