Feminist Friday: Antoinette Tuff Shows True Courage


This Week in Ladybits

Whoopsie! Congressman Trent “The Incidence of Rape Resulting in Pregnancy Are Very Low” Franks (R – Arizona) and his groovy pals commissioned a study to show how dangerous abortion is. …And proved that it is highly regulated and very safe. Not that facts are a huge deal for Franks ‘n’ friends, but hahahahahaha nonetheless. Seriously, goobers, please turn your legislative attention to something that helps people. (Via the lovelies at Wonkette)

This Week in Thinky

This is an interesting response to an upsetting situation: The Guardian reported that a Derby charity, Karma Nirvana, is advising women and girls who believe they’re being flown out of the country for a forced marriage should hide a spoon in their underwear. The extra time to talk to security personnel and explain what’s going on could give authorities time to step in.

The International News Safety Institute has launched a survey about violence against female journalists.

Invocatio had an interesting piece on the age-old connections between magic and prostitution. (Via Disinformation)

Writer-director Jill Soloway theorizes that women make better directors than men.

Original Plumbing featured an interesting personal essay on gender fluidity by Hari Nef.

The Daily Dot suggested adding the Mako Mori Test to the Bechdel Test.

American great Elmore Leonard passed away this week. Kate Dries of Jezebel took some time to point out how terrific he was at writing female characters. (Largely because he learned to think of them as just “characters.”)

And check out this infographic on the fiercest women in tech.

This Week in Bad

A Malaysian court upheld a ban on a sexuality rights festival.

Should you happen to photograph a couple engaging in consensual oral sex at a music festival, apparently the thing to do is a) make sure to spread the picture all over the Internet instead of minding your own damn business and/or giving a thought to what that kind of notoriety will do to a fellow human being, and b) make sure to congratulate the man and heap scorn on the woman. Ugh.

Professional blowhard Dr. Phil (or one of his producers) tweeted this to “evoke discussion.”

A sexist tweet from Dr. PhilImage from Twitter via Salon

He or someone on his team quickly deleted the tweet after the good people of Twitter pointed out that suggesting there is some sort of debate to be had about whether date rape is OK makes you a heinous dicksack. The Dr. Phil folks have since apologized, but in my opinion they’re still missing a big chunk of the point. Alexandra Brodsky elaborated in Feministing.

Speaking of heinous, the Daily Beast published a piece suggesting that Chelsea Manning should be happy about the fact that she “only” has what the author claims is a 30% chance of getting raped in prison, and is highly likely to be sexually exploited as a “queen bee” prostitute. No, I am not linking to that crap. And yes, the author’s assertions are wrong.

This Week in Good

In a stand for human rights, the American Kennel Club has announced that it will not attend the 2016 World Dog show if the event is held in Russia. Good club. Very good club. You deserve a treat.

I believe we have already made this column’s enthusiastic support for feisty fighting nuns clear. Meet the bad-ass, singing, anti-fracking nuns. (Via Slate)

Kelly Martin Broderick had her picture swiped and used as a cruel, anti-feminist meme. Her response is impressive.

Emma Stone and her boyfriend Andrew Garfield had this message for the paparazzi. (By the way, any Gilda’s Club is worth supporting.)

Is Bob’s Burgers the most sex-positive show on TV?

Twitterer @SamSykesSwears tweeted this picture illustrating the ills that feminism would usher in. But didn’t you just try to figure out where that bar is?

FF2Image via Sam Sykes on Twitter

And the pastor who wrote and pushed the “kill the gays” bill in Uganda, Scott Lively, has been charged with crimes against humanity. Good.

This Week in Awesome

Is there anyone more amazing than the aptly named Antoinette Tuff? When faced with a gunman carrying an assault rifle at the school where she worked, she kept talking to him and a 911 operator until the police came. At around the 13 minute mark is when this gets truly incredible.

The gunman walked into the school with 500 rounds of ammunition, ready to die; we’ll never know how many lives Tuff saved. May we all have that kind of courage and compassion inside, and may we never have to call on it under similar circumstances.

Audio via the Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The Washington Post interviewed Janelle Monae about  her personal style and the Electric Lady.

Eeeee, Katee Sackhoff wants to play Harley Quinn! YES, PLEASE.

FF3Image courtesy of DC Comics

Your new legislator crush is here. North Carolina State Senator Ellie Kinnaird is resigning from office to try to undo the damage of North Carolina’s incredibly racist new voter restrictions, as well as some other cruel and regressive legislation. Much as I would like to have her still making laws, I am truly impressed by her committing to getting the hell out of a bad situation and instead putting boots on the ground to help the newly disenfranchised citizens of her state get voter IDs. Madam, we salute your grace and bad assery.

Look at the bounty of smart, hilarious ladies! Amy Poehler, Jane Lynch, and Catherine O’Hara in the same trailer!

Have a great weekend. Get out there and make your own news.

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