Morning Brew – Darryl Hannah plays a lesbian in “The Hot Flashes”


Happy Friday! Did you watch Sharknado? I didn’t but I do have it on my DVR.

I had no idea that Daryl Hannah plays a lesbian in The Hot Flashes. At the beginning of the movie, she’s closeted but eventually comes out with the help of her basketball teammates, played by Wanda Sykes, Camryn Manheim and Brooke Shields. In an interview, the three talked about her role:

Hannah: It was interesting to me because none of my lesbian friends are so afraid of being out (as this character is). I had to think back to when some of my friends were more closeted. Obviously, some people still have to struggle with their comfort level. It was kind of sweet how (her character’s) friends were more accepting of her than she was of herself.

Sykes: I was trying to get the title of “lesbian consultant” on the film, but Camryn told me she knows way more lesbians than I do. (All laugh.) It was sweet how Daryl’s character was handled in the film and how the other women protected her.



The Hot Flashes opens this weekend.

Congrats to Chely Wright and Rachel Maddow for their Emmy nominations! Wish Me Away and The Rachel Maddow Show are both up for News and Documentary Emmys (Outstanding Informational Programming – Long Form and Outstanding News Discussion and Analysis, respectively.)

Meet the Press - Season 65

Out musician Emily Wells performed for KCRW Presents this week.

Queer band Hi-Fashion released a new video for their track “Lighthouse.”

Megan Rapinoe wrote a blog post for the Seattle Reign FC. I felt sad when I read the airport lost her bags. Soccer stars: They’re just like us!

The woman who was the target of homophobic slurs at an Eddie Griffin stand-up show last year has filed a lawsuit against the comedian.

Britney Spears tweeted something that made me think I might like at least one song on her new album.



Sia also posted a photo of herself with out rapper Brooke Candy this week, which gives me hope they collaborated on a song together as well.


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