Victoria’s Secret’s annual fashion show is superheroic!


If you and I ever went on a first date, I’d spend 30 percent of the time asking you questions about yourself and 70 percent of the time talking about superheroes. If you and I ever went on a second date, I’d spend 20 percent of the time asking you questions about yourself and 80 percent of the time talking about superheroes. A third date would yield 10 percent you and 90 percent heroes — and if our relationship made it to the full year mark, you’d find me alone in my office reading comic books on our anniversary.

It’s quite a conundrum, I know: How do you hold a gay lady’s attention when Batwoman and Batgirl have so much to offer? Well, I’m happy to tell you that Victoria’s Secret has finally found the answer to that age-old question.


No, seriously. This is a real thing. On Wednesday Victoria’s Secret’s held its annual fashion show, and this year it was superhero-themed! The whole shebang, which will air on CBS on Novemeber 29, cost 12 million dollars and featured all kinds boots and capes and wings and things. It also featured Nicki Minaj and Kanye West, but I’m much more interested in the:





Now, look: I know Victoria’s Secret isn’t exactly inclusive when it comes to portraying the wonders of the female form. According to these guys, there’s one type of beauty — which is all wrong, of course. Thin women are beautiful and curvy women are beautiful. Short women are beautiful and tall women are beautiful. Women who are white are beautiful and women of color are beautiful. Women all along the gender presentation spectrum are beautiful. There is seriously no end to the way that women can be beautiful. We’re all queer ladies here, right? Which means we love other ladies, right? And what I’m talking about it is LADIES IN SUPERHERO COSTUMES.

(Apparently, I was ahead of my time in terms of beauty as a child.)

What do you think about Victora’s Secret’s superheroic fashion show? Will you tune in and watch when it airs later this month on CBS?

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