Five things you learn about Tegan and Sara from “Get Along”


Tegan and Sara are the perfect band for the Friendster – Facebook generation. I’m dating myself by even mentioning the former “F” word, but this is my reasoning: T&S have been opening themselves up to fans since the beginning of their career. They share personal stories on stage, which has become half of their live appeal, they have already released one behind-the-scenes DVD, It’s Not Fun. Don’t Do It!, and have made themselves available via several video series, interviews, blogs, Tweets and fan Q&As. What more could they give you?

Their new CD/DVD Get Along could offer some further insight into the lives of Tegan and Sara and their time spent on the road and recording. I say “could” only because I’m sure there are a handful of fans who might scour the internet and/or follow the band from show to show seeking these experiences firsthand. But for those of us who are a little less active fans, Get Along gives us some new information on the musicians.

The DVD features three different short films: States, which follows them touring America; India, a 25-minute doc on their first time playing there; and For the Most Part, footage from a stripped-down studio concert they played for friends, family and fans in Vancouver. Here’s what you might learn about Tegan and Sara on this DVD.

1. They swear kind of a lot.

I do, too, so I actually feel like they were being themselves while the cameras were on them — and while their mom was around.

2. Their mom is super cute and supportive.

Speaking of their mom, Sonia, she’s very attractive and traveled with the twins to India. She also shares some fun tidbits about their childhood, how she named them and that she never dreamed they’d grow up to be doing what they do now.

3. They were in therapy.

When they were young, the sisters were a terror for their therapist, who made the rule that “mother f–ker” could not be used in the room. (See number one.)

4. They were huge Smashing Pumpkins fans.

Sara once sang the entire Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness album out loud for her friend because they were bored. They also slept outside waiting for tickets to see the band live and were mesmerized by Billy Corrigan when they saw him on stage.

5. They probably aren’t ever going to share their girlfriends with you.

One side of themselves that the twins tend to keep private is their romantic lives, which is not only understandable but healthy! So if you are looking to see or hear them discuss their romantic partners at length, it’s not going to happen. You’ll have to keep reading interviews for tidbits for reading into song lyrics for that kind of dirt. Always leave them wanting more, right?

Photo by Lindsey Byrnes

Get Along is available today.