Nine things gay women can get out of the “Vogue” September issue


Every fall, Vogue magazine releases its biggest issue of the year. It’s the September issue, which you might have heard about even if you don’t read the mag because there was a film made about its influence. As the trailer says, 13 million people read the issue, which focuses on what women will be wearing through the fall and into the rest of the year.

Now I know some of you may covet your Vogue subscriptions or maybe pick one up once in a while while in a waiting room, but I’m telling the rest of you that there is something in it for every gay girl. In fact, I found at least nine things you can enjoy about this fall’s September issue, which is in stores now.

1. Lots of Freja Beha Erichsen.

2. This Dolce & Gabbana ad that will sure make us all wish we could afford their pieces.

3. Women wearing bowties. Photos of women like Janelle Monae and Anne Catherine Frey with their updated takes on wearing men’s classic bowties.

4. A profile of French Vogue editor Emmanuelle Alt, whose fierce style that is classy and androgynous. She prefers blazers and jackets with jeans to dresses and jewelry.

5. A lesbian wedding as the focus of a feature on eco-friendly weddings. A photo of models Julia Nobis and Kate King posed as a couple with invites made out for a wedding with two brides.

6. Kenneth Cole’s new same sex marriage-inclusive ad campaign.

7. The Glee feature for Fashion’s Night Out.

8. Model Liu Wen shares her wisdom on personal style: “After being transformed into countless characters, I have discovered that any look involving androgyny is what I feel most comfortable in. Learn from others; don’t just imitate.”

9. Amber Heard’s Guess? ads.

No matter how you define your personal style, I guarantee your wardrobe has been inspired by something that has been in Vogue. The September issue is worth a perusing for a little inspiration, if not for all of the pretty pictures.

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