Shag, Marry or Bury: The Ladies of “All My Children”


Welcome to another round of your favorite game!

We have all been pleasantly surprised by the beautifully written, beautifully acted “Minx” storyline that is taking place in the waning days of All My Children. Our resident recapper, The Linster, even confessed to me that this is the first time she really knows what it’s like to be a fangirl. So, I thought we’d take our favorite AMC actresses out for the Shag, Marry or Bury test this week. I know it’s tricky, but you’ve got to choose between two Biancas — Eden Riegel and Christina Bennett Lind — and one Marissa — Sarah Glendening.


Last week’s winners:

Shag: Angelina Jolie

Marry: Charlize Theron

Bury: Zoe Saldana

Tell us who you’re voting for this week in the comments.

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