Which of DC’s “New 52” are right for you?


Wonder Woman — She’s Wonder Woman; what else do you need to know?

Voodoo — Voodoo is the only woman of color to have her own title in the DC relaunch, and she’s also the only bisexual character we know about so far. Actually, she’s a half-alien hybrid, so maybe that makes her trisexual?

Suicide Squad — I’ll be honest: I hate Harley Quinn’s redesigned costume. And I hate that I don’t see her wrapped up in Poison Ivy’s embrace issue #1’s cover. However, the concept for Suicide Squad is pretty cool: Harley leads a band of “reformed” supervillains on missions sanctioned by the government. Suicide missions. Because who cares if death-rown inmates survive?

The lovely ladies of DC Women Kicking Ass let me know that they’re holding their second annual Women Read Comics in Public Day on August 28th. You can check out all the details at their website. TheLinster and I both participated last year, and I’m sure we’ll be out there again this time around.

Which of DC’s New 52 are you most looking forward to?

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