Which of DC’s “New 52” are right for you?


Batwoman — If you don’t know by now why you should read Batwoman, you should just read every post you see.

Catwoman — Catwoman’s psyche has always been one of the funnest things to unravel in the Bat-verse. Though, frankly, I could do with a little more “obsessed with thieving” and a little less “obsessed with Batman.” She’s a Lady of the Night in all the best (worst) ways!

Birds of Prey — It’ll be a tough act following up Gail Simone, who took this series to such a compelling place during its final pre-52 run. Birds of Prey is as kickass as the other Gotham titles, but it’s also a little more friendly and a little less gory. If you’re picking up the series for the first time, be prepared to ship Black Canary and Starling.

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