Which of DC’s “New 52” are right for you?


When people who have never been into superhero comics ask where to jump into the sprawling, swerving, occasionally unnerving space-time continuum of superhero comics, I never know what to tell them. There’s never been an easy answer — until now. As you know, DC is rebooting its entire line of comic books next week. They’ll be rolling out the “New 52” on Wednesday, and though the company has come under some much-deserved scrutiny about its lack of female heroes and female writers, they are releasing are eight female-fronted books I’m stoked about.

Supergirl — The best way I can think to describe Supergirl is: What if Hanna Marin from Pretty Little Liars had all of Superman’s powers? She’s super-fast, super-strong, and super-teenager-y. Which makes her infinitely more fun to watch than the Man of Steel.

Batgirl — Perhaps the most controversial decision DC made about its New 52 was to let Barbara Gordon make the leap from the wheelchair-bound Oracle to the cape and cowl-ed Batgirl. But even so, this is the book I’m second most excited for. It’s being penned by the goddess Gail Simone, who is, in my opinion, the greatest writer in the industry right now.

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