Huddle: Body-swapping


As you know, Jason Bateman and Ryan Reynolds‘s recent comedy, The Change-Up, has Freaky Friday origins, and Freaky Friday has some pretty queer roots.

So for this week’s Huddle, we asked our writers: If you could change bodies with anyone for one week, who would it be?

Grace Chu: Michelle Obama, because I would have humdreds of articles written about my arms, designers would throw exquisite dresses at me, my house would have a bowling alley, and I would be the most powerful woman in the world according to Forbes. I also would have gone to a better law school.

TheLinster: I needed about 45 seconds to choose Naya Rivera for a body swap. A week on the set of Glee, enjoying Brittana’s sweet lady kisses and being worshipped by every lesbian in the TV-watching world? Yes, please.

Mia Jones: For practical reasons, I’d swap bodies with Rosie O’Donnell. The first thing I would do is offer my real self a fun and fantastically paid job on her new Chicago-based show. If for some reason that didn’t pan out, I guess I’d pick Mila Kunis and then I’d just stay at a swanky hotel, cancel all my plans and stare at myself naked in a mirror for the entire week.

Heather Hogan: Can I be honest with you guys? My mom kind of looks like Jennifer Beals. I mean, to the point where it’s always been a little uncomfortable for me to hear lesbians talking about how bad they want to bang Bette Porter. The L Word was on for six seasons, man. I had to endure it for six entire years. So, if I could swap bodies with anyone for a week, it would be Beals, and do you know why? Because genetics should have made it so anyway! But science failed me. Big time. 

Dorothy Snarker: I can’t pick just one. But for starters I’d swap with Salma Hayek, because JESUS. And then I’d swap with Hope Solo, because those arms. And finally I’d swap with Lena Headey, because I could control the entire lesbian universe with my sexy scowl.

Courtney Gillette: I’d body swap with my girl Beyoncé in a heartbeat. Gimmie those pipes, those fierece dance moves, buckets of cash to jet set about with, and I’d be golden. Plus, during my week as Queen B I’d probably request to reshoot the “Telephone” video, just for fun. Honey B forever.

Who would you trade bodies with for a week?

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