’s Shag, Marry or Bury: Catwomen


Welcome to another round of your favorite game!

On Friday, Warner Brothers gave us our first look at Anne Hathaway as Catwoman from the upcoming The Dark Knight Rises. Over the weekend, the internet went bananas making comparisons all the way back to — my own personal favorite Catwoman — Julie Newmar from the 1966 TV version of Batman. But the real test of Catwoman’s sexness is, of course, our own Shag, Marry or Bury poll. So we’re putting three of the most recent women to don the costume to the test. Which Catwoman will you choose: Michelle Pfeiffer‘s, Halle Berry‘s, or Anne Hathaway‘s?

Last week’s winners:

Shag: Christina Hendricks

Marry: Emma Stone

Bury: Lindsay Lohan

Mistress: Karen Gillan

Tell us who you’re voting for this week in the comments.

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