Female comic creators team up for “Womanthology”


Question: What’s better than a comic anthology featuring one of your favorite female heroes?

Answer: A comic anthology featuring dozens of female heroes, conceived by female writers and drawn by female artists.

Enter: Womanthology.

A month ago, the most popular female names in comic teamed up with aspiring authors and artists to try to raise enough money to fund Womanthology. The project was conceived to showcase heroic women created by heroic women. In addition to short stories, they also planned to include how-to tutorials and interviews in their anthology — hoping to entertain and inspire the next generation of female comic creators.

And that’s just what they’ve done. Raising $25,000 in one month was their goal. With four days left, they have raised over $80,000 — a number so astronomical that it speaks volumes about the desire of real women to see themselves reflected on the pages of comic books.

(I’m looking at you, DC, and your abomination of a Harley Quinn redesign!)

One of the coolest things about the Womanthology project is that they’re pairing comic greats like Gail Simone, Barbara Kesel, Annie Nocenti and Ming Doyle with up-and-coming creators. Can you even imagine working on a story for an women-driven comic anthology with Gail Frikkin’ Simone as your mentor? Talk about the stuff dreams are made of!

Plus, the anthology is going to include plenty of LGBT contributors like AfterEllen.com favorite Stacie Ponder (of Tuseday Toons and Ghostella fame), Cat Staggs and Amanda Deibert.

Check out Womanthology’s teaser trailer below.

To find out how to order a copy of Womanthology, or help them reach their new goal of raising $100,000 to put copies of their book in libraries all over the country, check out their official Kickstarter page. All proceeds from the book will go to

Global Giving.

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