Your Weekly Women to Listen To: The Coppertone, Loleatta Holloway, Isis Salam and more


It’s Wednesday and now I’ve got “My Humps” in my head because whenever I think of Wednesday, I think of Hump Day. I’ve been trying to catch up on life ever since coming back from vacation and so far the only thing I’ve been able to do is clear out my Jeopardy queue on my DVR. So, you’re all really lucky I was able to get my brain in gear (at least somewhat) to put together the latest list of 10 acts to check out.

Loleatta Holloway

File Under: Disco Diva, legend

From: Chicago in the house

For Fans Of: C&C Music Factory, Donna Summer, getting funky on the dance floor, rollerskating, sequined fringe tops, history, Estelle (for you young’uns), being fierce and glamorous.

Bonus: It is with great sadness that I have to say Loleatta passed away on Monday at the age of 64. I’m thankful to have her music – (even especially) the Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch hit, “Good Vibrations” which sampled her song “Love Sensation” and had her singing the chorus.

Zoe Boekbinder

File Under: Indie folk falsetto with an old timey sound

From: Oakland, California

For Fans Of: Tattooed librarians, jazz clubs, films from the 1920s, a less poppy Ditty Bops, a more mainstream Coco Rosie, Vermillion Lies (Zoe’s former band), sitting by a fishing hole on a summer day, dancing the Charleston, Billie Holiday.

Bonus: We can add another fantastic queer artist for our team. Thanks to reader Pterodactyl for the fantastic recommendation!

Butterfly Boucher

File Under: Dark indie pop, rock, a hot makeout session up against a wall, also she is so damn hot

From: Australia

For Fans Of: Melissa Ferrick, Laura Jansen, kd Lang, Paula Cole, listening to music in the bathtub, movies that don’t always have a happy ending, cable-knit sweaters.

Bonus: Besides having a wickedly cool name, Boucher has been touring the country with Sarah McLachlan and her song “Life is Short” was featured on a very short-lived but fantastically witty show Wonderfalls.


File Under: Garage power punk pop with a little ‘60s flair

From: Japan

For Fans Of: Bikini Kill, The Ramones, surf punk, green tea ice cream, vintage t-shirts, videos of dogs skateboarding.

Bonus: Unfortunately I can’t find too much on this band but their sound is great and damn, they are adorable.

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