The Harry Potter Alliance hunts down the Bullying Horcrux


The world may not be split into good people and Death Eaters, but for LGBT youth who are being bullied, it can seem like there are an awful lot of Dark Marks in the sky. Albus Dumbledore had a lot to say about Defense Against the Dark Arts, including this: If there’s one thing Voldemort cannot understand, it is love. This month, the Harry Potter Alliance — Dumbledore’s Army, if you will — is on a quest to destroy The Bullying Horcrux, with a whole lot of heart.

Always ready to join the fight for social justice.

We in the Harry Potter Alliance are here to Make It Better. We are working in partnership with the Gay-Straight Alliance to create safe schools conducive to the acceptance of all LGBTQ youth. We are working with Marriage Equality Rhode Island (MERI) to promote a bill that would prevent the government from interfering with same sex marriage. In the future, we plan on working with human rights organizations to end the insanity in Uganda.

And they’re serious, too. The HPA has donated five cargo planes of supplies to Haiti, 55,000 books to impoverished children, protection for thousands in Darfur, and recently they were granted $250,000 in the Chase Bank Community Giving Contest.

To chase down and destroy the Bullying Horcrux, the HPA has set up an organization called Fans For Equality, where they encourage fans of all genres of fiction to sign an equality pledge and engage in friendly, open dialogue about the making things better for the LGBT community.

Oh, Voldy, now you’ve gone and made her mad.

I solemnly swear I am up to some good. I will fight the Bullying Horcrux wherever I find it. I will expose inequality and speak out against bullying and slurs. I will use my powers to create safe schools where all youth are free to be themselves. I hereby promise to join the movement to Make It Better for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning youth and anyone who is bullied.

Check them out on Facebook and find out how you can help spread the message of love.

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