The best and worst of lesbian album cover art


We may all be gravitating toward buying our music digitally and forsaking packaging altogether, but album art is still a huge part of the final product. Lesbians have been used to sell that product just like any other one: TV shows (usually only very special episode arcs), movies (usually only with sex scenes between straight actresses) and really unrealistic porns.

Here are a few of the uses of lesbians and lesbian imagery on album art.

The womyn’s music movement embraced their womyn on womynness with whole albums dedicated to being a gay woman, so the cover art had to correspond justly.

Nice use of the female signs on the Lavendar Jane. Also the color purple!

Then, as time progressed, albums for lesbians became a little more explicit in their covers, kind of like how pulp novels moved into full-on erotica.

Lesbians love to embrace, especially while listening to sweet “lesbian” tunes.

Then there were some bizarre covers with candles that are arguably music by gay women or totally not.

Some of the better offerings are both from gay women and straight men, like this definitely “by straight men” offering from the band Type O Negative.

Yeah, it’s probably two straight women, and she’s totally missing her lips, but I think the crimped hair is a nice, trashy touch.

I love this cover from the bisexual-singer fronted Swedish band The Sounds. The women are sharing some secrets, and I think it’s called sexual tension.

Maxine Feldman, you win for the best lesbian cover, in my opinion. Roller skates take the cake.

And I’m not sure if this would be so gay without the title, but it’s the complete package and everyone gets the idea.

Is there any lesbianish album art you love? Perhaps frameable and on your wall?

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