Your Weekly Women to Listen To: Camélia Jordana, Now Now, FM Supreme and more


Happy Hump Day! I think this week’s list of women is pretty great and has something for pretty much everyone. Also, feel free to drop me a private message on here or send me an

to my personal account if you have a suggestion you want featured on here. I’m always happy to get your emails – a lot of you have great taste!

Camélia Jordana

File Under: Former French Pop Idol (Nouvelle Star) contestant with a beautifully gruff yet soft voice.

From: France

For Fans Of: Coeur de Pirate, Kate Nash,

Bonus: Hat tip to my friend Mathilde for introducing me to this beauty. She may have come in third place, but she’s first in my heart.

FM Supreme

File Under: Alterna-rap with a crazy good live show and big hair.

From: Chicago

For Fans Of: MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Kanye West’s earlier (pre-autotune) days, PBR, corduroy jackets, thick black rimmed glasses for fashion, James Baldwin novels.

Bonus: FM isn’t afraid to get down and dirty. You can find her writhing on the floor as she’s rapping at her shows.

Aerea Negrot

File Under: Experimental electronic cabaret opera (for real)

From: Germany via Venezuela

For Fans Of: Grace Jones, if Coco Rosie made a love child with Nico and Hercules and Love Affair, letting your friend cut your hair because you’re bored, riding crops.

Bonus: You can hear Negrot’s distinct voice on the latest release from Hercules & Love Affair.

Kat Devlin

File Under: Singer songwriter, acoustic folk

From: California

For Fans Of: Dar Williams, Ani Difranco’s Not So Soft album, herbal tea, spice gardens, hemp.

Bonus: She’s a gal pal and she’s got a new EP coming out soon!

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