Your Weekly Women to Listen To: Sierra Swan, Rockettothesky, EZ Tiger and more


Aural Vampire

File Under: New Wave Electro J-Pop

From: Tokyo

For Fans Of: The Veronicas, Paramore, Peaches (check out her song “Hot Blood Workout”), big sunglasses, corsets, awesomeness.

Bonus: This is a bonus for some of us, though not for all – the duo has started touring the US so I’m hoping that means they’ll be showing up at a venue near me sometime soon!

EZ Tiger

File Under: Rock n’ roll baby

From: LA

For Fans Of: The Strokes, PBR with a shot of Jack on the side, Killola, Girl in a Coma, Cap’n Crunch for dinner, plaid buttondowns.

Bonus: Two words: Gal Pals.


File Under: R&B blast from the past

From: NYC

For Fans Of: Xscape, Faith Evans, Mary Mary, getting weak in the knees, cherry-flavored popsicles, sarongs.

Bonus: The real bonus here is if you listen to their songs because they automatically put a smile on my face and calm me down.


File Under: Electro Hip-Pop that somehow doesn’t annoy me as much as Ke$ha, ’90s heartthrob.

From: Los Angeles

For Fans Of: Black Eyed Peas, Fannypack, Ke$ha, flipping the bird, high top Adidas, booty dancing, snack paks, hoop earrings.

Bonus: Grab a free download of her jam, “Booty Bounce.”

The Plasmatics

File Under: Punk metal that paved the way for many female-fronted rock bands

From: Formed in NYC

For Fans Of: Motley Crue, The Runaways, Cynthia Plaster Caster, breaking bottles, raging against the machine, killer guitar licks, Bratmobile.

Bonus: There’s a Plasmatics documentary that you can find featuring Wendy O. Williams and crew, the good the bad and the ugly. She truly was a queen of rock.

That’s all for this week my darlings. Enjoy the rest of your week!

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