Your Weekly Women to Listen To: Ciara, Tanya Davis, Mia Dyson and more


Well hello there, good looking! I am struggling a bit today because I went out a little too hard last night and I’m having some issues keeping my head up above my keyboard. Heed my advice everybody: water is your friend, but only if you stick with it early and often.

The Good Natured

File Under: Indie pop with some dark tones and a little rock thrown in for good measure.

From: UK

For Fans Of: The xx, La Roux, Little Boots, neckerchiefs, skinny jeans, Inception

Bonus: Score yourself a free download of their song, “Prisoner."

Mia Dyson

File Under: Gritty classic rock and roll sung by someone who has an incredibly beautiful first name and the last name of my favorite type of vacuum cleaner.

From: Australia

For Fans Of: Melissa Ethridge, Bonnie Raitt, Sheryl Crow, ties, leather jackets, large breeds of dogs.

Bonus: Mia’s father, Jim Dyson, is a well-known guitar builder and blues guitarist – I suppose it runs in the family!


File Under: Grimey dub-step, dancefloor slickness.

From: Malaysia

For Fans Of: M.I.A., Rye Rye, Kid Sister, high top sneakers with some sort of Velcro, neon nailpolish, working it low to the floor.

Bonus: Since her myspace page has been taken over by some jerkholes who are forcing me to listen to their mix tapes instead of being able to stream her jams, head over to bandcamp for some uninterrupted hotness and to purchase.

Marissa Nadler

File Under: Beautiful sweeping songs of emotion and lore, guitars strumming.

From: Massachusetts

For Fans Of: Sharon Van Etten, chai tea, Alela Diane, oversized sweaters, ancient Greek tragedies, Laura Gibson.

Bonus: Download a free copy of her mesmerizing song, “Daisy Where Did You Go?

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