Your Weekly Women to Listen To: Medina, Mia Borders, Misnomers and more


Mia Borders

File Under: Sweet southern funk blues that is as sexy as it is soulful

From: New Orleans

For Fans Of: Johnny Lang, jeans and T-shirts, Bridget Lyons, Daphne Willis, crawfish, hanging out on the porch with your friends.

Bonus: Not only does she have the best name to be bestowed upon a baby girl, she’s also out and proud.


File Under: Hip-hop with violin accompaniment and a dope emcee

From: NYC via Korea

For Fans Of: Tricky, Psalm One, Eminem’s “Lose Yourself," bobbin’ ya head, representing your hood

Bonus: The sisters released their debut album American I(s) Sept. 30 and, once again, I’m a day late and a dolla short. It’s hot to death.

The State Of

File Under: Dark indie pop duo who happen to be so cute I want to put them in my pocket

From: Miami

For Fans Of: Tracy Bonham, Loquat, neckerchiefs, Ben Folds piano, The Locals

Bonus: I mean, I’m pretty sure they’re gay. Not sure if they’re single though. Hat tip to AE reader Elise for sharing them with me/you.


File Under: New Wave electro ear porn

From: Liverpool

For Fans Of: Fairuza Balk films, Bijou Phillips, Portishead, Glass Candy, Clinic, live DJs, Sphynx cats.

Bonus: The band is currently recording their fifth album so if you enjoy their previous work, you can start saving your pennies.

Norah Jones

File Under: Sweet, innocently sexy jazzy soul pop where you can sometimes hear the smile in her voice

From: NYC

For Fans Of: blueberry pancakes, Diana Krall, Harry Connick Jr., quality time with your family, lounge singers

Team Dresch

File Under: Queercore, punk, badassery

From: Portland

For Fans Of: Bikini Kill, L7, beer with a shot of Jack on the side, tube socks, taking action in political movements, The Butchies, zines

Bonus: While the band went on hiatus, formed other bands and hasn’t come out with a new record in years, the ladies are still doing sporadic tour dates.

That’s all for this week. Keep your suggestions coming and enjoy the rest of the week sugar boogers!

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