Watch Crystal Chappell pole dance while you wait for the second season of “Venice”


Ah, fall premiere week on American TV. The new episodes. The new laughs. The new tears. The new fruitless hours of flipping from channel to channel, trying to find some sort of lesbian subtext to cling to. But wait! What’s this? One week from today, there’s actual lesbian maintext happening in dynamic, authentic storylines? Pretty girls kissing one another because they’re actually into one another, and not because it’s Sweeps week? A legitimate lezzer love triangle so heart-wrenching that you don’t even know who to root for? What kind of magic is this?!

It’s the magic of the web series! The magic of Venice!

You might remember that I voted for Venice as the number one super top web series in last year’s Visibility Awards, calling it “a lesbian shipper’s most erotic dream come true.” (Or you might not remember; I’ve gotten some pretty nasty emails!) Venice’s writing is soapily stellar, the acting is moving, the music is perfect and there are probably only a half-dozen web series on the whole internet with Venice‘s high production value.

And it looks like season two is going to be just as superior!

Man, I love a well-written love triangle. I would also love to see Crystal Chappell and Nadia Bjorlin get into a lesbian oil wrestling match. I mean, get into bed together. I mean — um, never mind.

While you’re waiting for the second season of Venice to drop, you can check out Chappell’s Straight Girls Guide to Gay Bars. Full disclosure: I’m not really sure the bartender knows what she’s talking about when she starts describing the “types” of lesbians. “In between lesbians”? Is that a thing? But you will enjoy listening to Chappell talk about getting a Brazilian, and then watching her pole dance like she has some actual experience with it.

Venice premieres at noon PDT next Wednesday. Are you excited?

A quick note: We don’t recap Venice because we don’t recap any web series. Also, it’s premium content and if we posted screencaps and story details here, there’s a chance it would actually take money away from the series — because why pay for it when you can look at it for free somewhere else? And we don’t want that. We want Venice to continue forever and ever and ever.

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