Your Weekly Women to Listen To: Karima Francis, Bachelorette, Janelle Monae and more!


Hello my lovelies! I honestly can’t believe it’s Wednesday already – time flies when you’re having … fun. That’s what we’re having isn’t it?  I’ve got a stellar lineup of women for you to check out this week. Some are from the old school and a few are relative newbies. Also, a few came from some of you incredible readers, so thank you for that – I certainly can never have an excuse to get bored anymore. Let’s check out the tunes!

Siouxsie and the Banshees

File Under: An electric carnival ride of punk, rock and industrial, undercover sex kitten, cooler than most.

From: United Kingdom

For Fans of: Knowing where you came from, Christina Aguilera’s “Elastic Love”, Zola Jesus, Blondie, The Smiths, New Order

Bonus: While they are no longer a band, Siouxsie and her husband, (ex-Slits and Big in Japan drummer) Budgie, are touring together as the Creatures. Little known fact, Sid Vicious was originally a member of Siouxsie and the Banshees.


File Under: Dreamy poptronica that is soft as cotton but leaves you a bit chilly

From: Indonesia

For Fans of: The Postal Service,  Stereolab, Ladytron, ice skating while holding hands, puffy vests (I realize that not all puffy-vest wearing queers will like this, we all celebrate our beloved puffy vests), Royksopp.

Bonus: The duo was recently signed by a major label so you can buy some of their stuff on iTunes instead of shelling out $50 for an import. 

Karima Francis

File Under: Singer/songwriter seductress with some R&B flair, for the lovers

From: Another one from the UK

For Fans of: Writing love letters, Kings of Leon (she does a great cover of “Use Somebody”), big hair, Daniel  Merriweather, pea coat jackets.

Bonus: If you use Karima to play Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon you won’t have to go far – he was one of the producers of her album, “The Author.”  And a huge thank you to the AE reader who introduced me to her (sorry I can’t find your original email).

Tina Dico

File Under: Infectious pop balladry that is undeniably gorgeous

From: Denmark

For Fans of: My Dear Disco, Ellie Goulding, comfort food, fall, Kate Walsh, intimate spaces

Bonus: Dico sang on the Zero 7 tracks, “Home” and “The Space Between”

Natalia LaFourcade

File Under: Alt-pop that will leave you warm all over

From: Mexico

For Fans of: Feist, Julieta Venegas, Ximena Sarinana

Bonus: I’m grabbing at straws here for a bonus, but the big bonus for me is having readers like you introduce me to artists like this.

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