Lambda Literary’s Fall Picks: A look at books


Even though mainstream bookstores carry more LGBT titles than ever, we still have to rely on each other to find out what’s on the shelf. So, when Lambda Literary makes its fall selections, I pay attention. And, of course, pass along the titles of interest to readers.

Armistead Maupin has written a new Tales of the City novel, Mary Ann in Autumn. After 20 years away, Mary Ann Singleton returns to San Francisco with big news to share with Michael Tolliver. I have missed those two.

And I confess, when I watch The Big C, I can’t help thinking that it’s Mary Ann who has cancer. I love you Laura Linney.

Eileen Myles brings us Inferno (A Poet’s Novel), which starts thusly: “My English professor’s ass was so beautiful. It was perfect and full as she stood at the board writing some important word.” Sigh. I think we all had a teacher like that.

Inferno explores sexuality in a distinctive way that avid readers will love. The middle section, “Heaven,” allegedly instructs readers on how to write a poem, but it turns into instructions on how to become a lesbian — with a sort of field guide to female genitalia. Anyone not going to order this book?

The latest crime novel from lesbian author Val McDermid, Fever of the Bone, features two of her most popular characters: criminal profiler Tony Hill and Detective Chief Inspector Carol Jordan. The subject? Muurrr-derr! (Cue scary music.)

If you’ve never read McDermid, you’re in for a treat. She is dark and twisty in the truest sense — and very, very funny.

The lovely and talented (and oh, so hot) Portia de Rossi (aka Ellen’s wife) shares her struggles with eating disorders and her sexuality in Unbearable Lightness. We’ve been waiting for this one since February, so fingers crossed that it’s on shelves soon. (Sure, we could post a picture of the book. But why would we, when we have this?)

See the other titles at the Lambda Literary site. We’ll have our own Fall Books Guide coming your way later this month.

What have you been reading lately? Do any of these books sound good enough to drag you away from our videos for a while?

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