Your Weekly Women to Listen To: Lali Puna, Tracy Chapman, Katie Arminger and more


Our weekly dispatch of 10 female musicians you should give a spin.

It is still rainy and dreary outside so, in its honor, this week’s Women to Listen to is brought to you (mostly) by music you should listen to when it’s raining and you’re choosing to be a) sexy b) introspective c) sad. It is also filled with oldies but goodies, and some musicians I’m shocked to find people don’t know about. Can you handle it?

Heather Nova

File Under: Intense voice packed with passion, longing and sometimes sadness.

From: Bermuda

For fans of: Dramatic love stories (like Titanic), Tori Amos, Brandi Carlile

Bonus: She makes great songs to put on mix tapes to girls you are pining after.

Tracy Chapman

File Under: Bluesy folk sung by a gender-neutral voice

From: New York

For fans of: Indigo Girls, Sheryl Crow, bringing a book to the beach with a picnic

Bonus: She’s been at this music thing for more than 20 years and her music has held up beautifully.


File Under: Breezy breathy vocals by front-woman Kylee Swenson, sweet lo-fi pop

From: San Francisco

For fans of: Having crushes on people, looking back at old yearbooks, sexual tension

Bonus: Kylee is a total fox and also used to be the editor at Remix magazine. Knowledge is sexy.


File Under: Electronic pop from a different era (and possibly planet).

From: UK

For fans of: Clinic, Camera Obscura, Stereolab, vintage clothing stores

Bonus: No real bonus, but the sounds are sweet!

Lali Puna

File Under: Soft electronic that can blend into a background and still make an impact, electro-art

From: Munich, Germany

For fans of: Stereolab, ambient electro (see: Moby’s ambient album, Sascha Funke), electro-emo.

Bonus: Their last effort, Faking The Books is a bit more up-tempo and guitar-driven than their previous and latest albums — so if that’s what you’re into, I highly recommend trying it out.

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