What lesbian signals are you sending with your T-shirt?


Lesbians love their T-shirts like they love their women: soft and cute and ironic. But have you ever fallen in love with a girl in an adorable tee only to have it end in heartbreak? Maybe that’s because you didn’t really understand the shirt before you went on the pull. As an expert in the area of meaningful tees, I’ve decided to give you a little lesson. Here’s what T-shirts say about the women who are wearing them. 


I know what it means. I also probably follow Nathan Fillion on Twitter.

I’m a cute European taking the piss out of arrogant American sports fans. World Series? Really?

When we watch TV, I’ll do my own voice-overs for every show on the Discovery Channel.

I remember life before the Internet.

I played the board game Life with my family when I was a kid. And then I fed Ken to my hamster and let two Barbies make out in the Dream House. 

Somtimes I say really caustic things and follow it up with, "Maybe I’m just getting old."

I’m Team Lisa Turtle.

I’m not like a regular vampire fan. I’m a cool vampire fan.

Sometimes I quote Mikey from The Real L Word.

Golden Snitch? Kind of my specialty.


I always take vacation during Shark Week.

I’m here. I’m queer. Get used to it.

I am awesome.

What does your T-shirt say about you? And if you want to score one of these for your own, check out bustedtees.com. They liked this post so much, they want to offer you a 15% discount with the coupon code AFTERELLEN.

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