Your Weekly Women to Listen To: Ximena Sariñana, Ellie Goulding and more


Our weekly dispatch of 10 female musicians you should give a spin.

Jesca Hoop

File Under: Undeniably gorgeous vocals atop multi-layered sounds that don’t particularly fall into one genre.

From: California

For fans of: Kate Bush, Florence Welch, Joni Mitchell, balladry, great music

Bonus: She was a nanny for Tom Waits’s children for five years and her album comes out next week.

Ellie Goulding

File Under: Electro-pop that was made for dance remixes

From: London

For fans of: La Roux, Annie, Bachelorette

Bonus: Cutesy voice, cuter face.


File Under: Booty shaking, twerkin’ jerkin dance

From: Toronto

For fans of: Shunda K, late 80’s/early ’90s dance, electro-house

Bonus: Their song “Jerk It” was featured in The Wrestler. They’re on a break right now pursuing some solo projects but check out their older stuff.


Lykke Li

File Under: Pop cabaret

From: Sweden

For fans of: Annie, Little Boots, Adele, slow songs from Brenda Lee

Bonus: Just look at how awesome her name is. Also, she likes Catherine Keener, which means she has great taste.

Brazilian Girls

File Under: Dance, rock, punk, ska losing your mind

From: All over the dang place — Sabina sings in five different languages

For fans of: Dancing, clapping your hands, costume parties

Bonus: I interviewed Sabina a few years ago and she said if she were to learn a sixth language the first thing she’d learn to say is, “Can you give that to me in all twenties?”

Chicks on Speed

File Under: Art dance electroclash with German accents

From: Germany

For fans of: Le Tigre, Peaches, raunch

Bonus: The girls have managed to keep the beat alive for almost 15 years and counting.

Ximena Sariñana

File Under: Latin pop/jazz with a voice packed with soul and passion

From: Mexico

For fans of: Sarah McLachlan, guitar strumming, beautiful accents

Bonus: She’s working on a new album if you are a fan of Mediocre.

Jill Scott

File Under: R&B, neo-soul, eating sex pancakes for breakfast

From: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

For fans of: Baby making music, D’Angelo, Erykah Badu, Al Green

Bonus: She acts, too! You can see her on HBO’s The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency.


Sunday Girl

File Under: New Wave emo-lectro pop (I just made that up)

From: The UK

For fans of: I Blame Coco, Mazzy Star, wishing upon a star

Bonus: She does a killer cover of Laura Brannigan’s “Self Control." She also looks like one of my straight friends I used to make out with. in other words, she brings back fond memories.

Wye Oak

File Under: Ok, so it’s a boy/girl duo but the woman’s voice is overpowering and wonderful. Dark rockin’ blues instrumentally, softer vocally.

From: Baltimore, Maryland

For fans of: Kings of Leon, PJ Harvey, Cat Power, thunderstorms

Bonus: They did a cool cover of the Kinks’ “Strangers” for the A.V. Club.

More musical goodies coming at you soon, so check back next week.

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