New Music Tuesday: 6-1-2010


To all of my U.S. peeps, welcome back from a glorious Memorial Day weekend. To everyone else, happy Tuesday. If there is one non-music-related piece of advice I can give you after this weekend — besides not overdoing it on the beer and potato salad — it’s to use sunscreen. I am writhing in pain due to an unfortunate brain fart where I forgot to lather up. Rest assured, it will not happen again. Learn from my pain.

Gemma RayIt’s A Shame About Gemma Ray (Bronzerat)

Today’s top spot goes to a Brit who not only gives a great throwback to the ’60s, but who has also knows how to drop a nod to the ’90s in her album’s title. I really dig the ominous overtones in many of her songs. Her creepy version of “Everyday” is one of my favorites and she’d be a perfect accompaniment to the next Tarantino flick.

QuitzowJuice Water (Young Love Records)

She’s weird and I love her. Post-punk electronic jams worthy of opening for Le Tigre or Peaches.

Tift MerrittSee You On The Moon (Fantasy)

I’m finding it hard to wrap words around Merritt’s album but have really enjoyed listening to her album this morning. There are elements of blues combined with a Suzanne Vega way of syncopated singing, violin, piano, but I wouldn’t classify her under the usual “chick with guitar” category. Soft, smooth; both Bonnie Raitt-ish and Loreena Mckennitt-esque.

8MMLove & Apocalypse (ChelseaGirl Records)

Down-tempo trip-hop or electro-gaze that reminds me of the days I used to opt for the unremixed version of the Sneaker Pimps‘ “Six Underground.”

Dear readers, hook a sister up — what did I miss?