New Music Tuesday: 4-20-2010


It’s another glamorous edition of New Music Tuesday and I am in dire need of resting my feet after the xx/Hot Chip concert last night. Seriously, forget Michael Flatley — Hot Chip are the new lords of the dance.

While there are some impressive new albums to share with you today, I pretty much can’t concentrate on anything at all since this picture of Kristen Stewart hanging out at Coachella surfaced yesterday. Someone is feeling very Shane today and I am feelin’ it too.

OK, let’s collect ourselves and focus on the music. Let’s do it for the children.

Kate NashMy Best Friend Is You (Fiction)

It’s been a while since “Foundations” became a pretty big hit and I couldn’t be more excited for some new Nash in my life. She’s got a great knack for channeling the smooth ’60s Detroit soul and can turn to early ’90s riot grrrl with the flip of a switch. This could be love.

V.V. BrownTraveling Like The Light (Island Universal)

Some of you have been lucky enough to be listening to V.V. Brown for a while. Us Americans have had to wait. But it’s never too late to tell you that Ms. Brown will have the music world wrapped around her little finger within the next year. She’s already been praised as an accomplished writer but now it’s time for her to shine as a recording artist.

Whitney DuncanRight Road Now (Warner Bros.)

Country isn’t really my thang but who am I to deprive those of you who enjoy it? Whitney’s voice has a nice silky twang and she’s got a song about skinny dipping — for that, she gets my approval.

Honorable mentions include new releases from: Rufus Wainwright, Horse Feathers, Caribou, Aqualung (featuring A Fine Frenzy, Sara Bareilles and Kelly Sweet), Cypress Hill, Roky Erickson and Okkervil River.

I’m starting a new section for this weekly post. There are so many talented musicians on that don’t get as much attention as those on major labels and I’d like to introduce them to our community. Feel free to drop me a note to tell me about your band or a band I should be checking out.

This week, check out:

Jean Fessey

Jean contacted me a while ago and told me about her musical comedic take on lesbian life. It should be noted that she actually has a really good voice too!

Hello, Lady

The girl has a total folksy vibe going for her — think a young Ani post-breakup.