Jessica Capshaw and others gets naked for “Allure”


Psssst. Hey ladies, wants to see Jessica Capshaw naked? What? I’m sorry, I can’t hear above the deafening din of women panting. Come again? OK, OK, stop screaming. Here you go.

Jessica stripped down, along with other celebrities for Allure magazine’s “The Naked Truth” issue. The annual feature is meant to encourage women to feel good about their bodies by having stars talk honestly about theirs. The Grey’s Anatomy star — and one half of everyone’s favorite couple whose nickname sounds like an Italian delicacy — said working with Sara Ramirez helps her feel more secure in sex scenes. The magazine wrote:

Capshaw doesn’t see herself as supersexy. “I was always the girl who had that baby face,” she says. “I was never a rail-thin person.” On Grey’s Anatomy, Capshaw plays the girlfriend of a female surgeon — a role that, naturally, includes filming love scenes. So we had to ask her to compare. “In a love scene with a woman, we’re able to share our neuroses or insecurities more readily,” she says “I don’t think with a man you’d speak with the same awareness.”

Joining Jessica in naked solidarity for the issue are American Idol judge Kara DioGuardi, Death at a Funeral actress Regina Hall, Entourage star Emmanuelle Chriqui, singer Colbie Caillat and superstar Catherine Zeta-Jones. Take a look:

Kara DioGuardi

Regina Hall

Emmanuelle Chriqui and Colbie Caillat

Catherine Zeta-Jones

Each woman talks about her body — be it her workout routine, feelings on being naked on camera — along with her photoshoot. The magazine has done similar, glowingly lit spreads in past years with everyone from Padma Lakshmi and Eliza Dushku to Angie Harmon and Gabrielle Union.

Now, I applaud all the women for baring it all tastefully and with such a positive message. But this issue also perplexes me because for a series that purports to be about the truth, the editors sure spend a lot of time Photoshopping all semblance of it out of the finished product. Granted, the rules of decorum dictate some of the manipulation — this isn’t Playboy. But the women all look so perfect — Plasticine almost — that it seems to undermine the point.

Or maybe I’m just over thinking it. Jessica Capshaw is naked, after all. My brain probably just stopped working as a result. So, what do you think? Love it? Love it more with a little less Photoshop? Or did you stop reading after the first picture?

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